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A "C" program for addition

This article is about a program for addition of two numbers.
In previous article C helpline and A simple "c" program, we were discuss about C Structure and a simple program.In this article we will discuss about a program for addition of two numbers.

Write a program to add two Numbers

//Header files

//Main function,void show no return any value
Void main()
//Declaration of variables
int a,b,sum;
printf("Enter two numbers");
//Take input from user
//show output as a sum of two numbers
printf("sum is=%d",sum);

Enter two numbers
sum is=30

Note:-"//" This symbol show comment for only user understanding.It is not counted in a computer program.

Different data types used in a program written as a user input in a given form:-

Data types
  1. Integer
  2. %d
  3. long Integer
  4. %ld
  5. Float
  6. %f
  7. Long Float
  8. %lf
  9. character
  10. %c
  11. string
  12. %s

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