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Welcome To Nishtha's Programming World

This is the first post in my first blog Nishtha's Programming World.
You can say this is the welcome post to you from my side. In this post I will enlighten the importance of this blog, will tell something about me, my view and about my experiences.

About This Blog

As this is the welcome post so I would like to discuss about the concept in my mind Why I created Nishtha's Programming World.
Its my pleasure to share something which i have but can't able to express ,but this give me a platform to express my self.I will try my best to give all of you something new.In this blog i will give something about programming concepts,shortcuts keys of computers ,basics of computer etc.

Few Words About Me

Myself Meenakshi Sharma from Sirsa District Haryana.
I am learning the basics of blogging and I want to transform my programming skills into online documentation so that it may help others.


I am Meenakshi Sharma.I am a student. My qualification is B.SC in computer science,B.Ed,M.C.A 2nd year.I am not a source of knowledge but i have something which i can give to all of you to increase a small part of knowledge.I believe in simple living and high thinking.i also believe that there is nothing which i can't get by us but major point is that we should have firm determination to do and should have patience to listen another.

Importance of This Blog

As programming is the key factors for Computer science students to get success, I'll discuss and explain programming using various languages and other study related issues here in my blog.

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