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Hello friends,
This article is about switching Before studying about switching we should know why we use switching.
Why we use switching
A network is a set of connected devices.Whenever we have multiple devices we have the problem of how to connect them to make one to one communication.
1. One sollution is to make point to point connection between each pair of device(star topology).
Disadvantage:-a)This is impractical and wasteful when apply to large network.
b) Length of links requires too much infrastructure.
2.Second solution is to make multipoint topology as bus.
Disadvantage:-Distance between devices and total number of devices increase beyond the capacity of media.
Thus only solution is switching.
Switching:- which is controlling and routing of signals in circuit to execute logical or arithmatic operations or to transmit data between specific points in a network is called switching.
A switched network consists of a series of interlinked nodes, called switches.
Switches are the devices capable of creating temperory connection between two or more devices linked to a switch.Some of these nodes are connected to end systems and others are used for routing.
Types of switching:-
1. Circuit switching.
2. Packet switching.
3. Message switching.
friends we will discuss circuit switching in next article............
thank you.

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