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Java Buzzwords or Java features

Hello friends,
In previous article i discuss introduction of Java language.In this article i discuss about features of this language which makes this different from others.
2.Object oriented.
5.Architecture neutral
6 Interpreted
7.High performance.

Java was designed to be easy for the professional programmer to learn and use effectively.If you are exoerienced in c++ then you have to put a little effort only to get perfection in Java because croticle topics of c++ avoided by Java such as pointers ,operator overloading etc.

Object- oriented:-
Everything is an Object in java.Object model in Java is simple and easy to extend,while simple types,such as integers,are kept as high -performance non objects.

To better understand how Java is robust,consider two of the main reasons for program failure:memory management mistakes and mishandled exceptional conditions.Memory management can be difficult in traditional programming environments like c,c++,the programmer must manually allocate and free all dynamic memory.This sometimes leads to problems,because programmer will either forget to free memory that has been previously allocated or,worse ,try to free some memory that another part of their code is still using.Java virtually eliminates these problems by managing memory allocation and deallocation for you.Exceptional conditions in traditional environments often arise in situations such as "division by zero or file not found",and they must be managed withclumsy and hard to read constructs.Java helps in this area by providing object oriented exception handling.In well written java program ,all run time errors can and should be managed by program.

Java was designed to meet the real world requirement of creating interactive ,networked programs.To accomplish this Java support multithreaded programming which allows you to write programs that do many things simultaniously.

Architecture neural:-
A central issue for the java designers was that of code longevity and portability.One of the main problems facing programmers is that no guarrontee exists that if you write a program today,it will run tomorrow even on the same machine.Then java designer design virtual machine .The main goal of that machine was"write once,run anywhere,any time,forever."

Java is a portable language.Portable means it can run on every hardware because virtual machine convert its code such that it can handle every hardware.

J va not only y use compilerp but also use interpretor which convert code into bytecode by virtual machine for portability.

High proformance-
Due to run the bytecode at anywher at anytime its performance increase.

Java user can run code t remote area by following distributebd environment.

Java language is basically dynamically run.Object change at run time.
Friends ,it is something about java features.i think you learn something from it.

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