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Basics of "C" programming

This article is about basics of c language and you can say it is just introduction of c language.
C is a programming language developed by Dannis ritchie AT & T's Bell telephone Laboratory used for unix operating system.It is procedure oriented language.AS we know "c" is middle level language.c give us a good platform for developing best software.After JAVA ,"c" Is second most likely and simple language for a good future in software industries.Because it is a basic for all language.So in this artical i will give you some basic knowledge of c language.

Basic structure of "c" language

#include"conio.h" //Header files

void main()
data types list of variables;

Here data types ,variables,printf();,scanf();,getch(); are used.Eexplanation of these given as.

Data types

Data type is the type of variable or data we used in program.
There are two types of data types in "c" language:-
  1. Primary Data type

  2. Secondary Data type or Derived data type

These are also further classified as:-

Primary data type

Primary data type is basic data type which can not decomposed further.
There are four basic primary data type:-
  1. Integer

  2. Float

  3. Double

  4. character

Secondary data type or Derived Data type

Secondary data type is that data type which is made up of or derived from another basic data.
types.This data type is also further classified as:-
  1. Array

  2. Structure

  3. Union

What are constants and variables ?

Every programming languages need some memory space to store data during operation, this space is allocated in form of constants and variables.
A constant is something that remains constant during the execution of the program and a variable that can store different values at different intervals.

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