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Smart Mathematical tricks

This article is about some Mathematical tricks.As today is a very fast computing world.Every exam like Banking,T.E.T(Teaching Eligibility Test,I.A.S etc. all needs speed in computing for selecting in exam.So a person should have some mathematical tricks for faster computing.Here I am try to give to all of you some tricks Which can help you for a good future.

  1. Multiplying with 5

  2. Let us take a number 5887.We have to multiply it with 5
    Eg. 5887*5=Just divide it to by 2.After divide we get a number=2943,last may add 0
    which give 2943.5,ignore remainder the Ans is=29435

  3. Any 2 digit number multiply by 99

  4. Eg.let a 2 digit number is 44.We have to multiply it with 99

  5. Multiplying any number by 11

  6. Let us take a number 42.We have to multiply it by 11
    now add into 42
    The answer is=462
  7. The square of any number having last digit 5

  8. Let us take a number 85.We have compute its square
    85*85= Firstly compute square of last digit which always 25
    then multiply all digit remains with its successor.

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  1. add some more example. easy to understand..