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Excel shortcut keys

This article is about excel shortcuts.we may save our time by use of these keys.

shortcuts for Excel

F2=Edit the selected cell
F5=Go to specific cell
F7=Spell check selected text or document
Fill=Create chart
Ctrl+shift+;=Enter the current time
ctrl+;=Enter the current date
Alt+shift+f1=Enter new worksheet
Shift+F3Open the Excel Formula window
Shift+F5=Bring up search box
ctrl+A=Select all content of the worksheet
ctrl+B=Bold highlighted section
ctrl+i=Italic highlighted section
ctrl+c=Copy selected item
ctrl+K=Insert link
ctrl+F+Open find and replace option
ctrl+G=Open go to option
ctrl+H=Open find and replace option
ctrl+u=Underlined highlighted section
ctrl+Y=underlined selected text
ctrl+s=Strikethrough selected section
ctrl+o=Open option
ctrl+N=Open new document
Ctrl+P=Open print dialog box
ctrl+Z+Undo last action
CTRL+f9=Minimize current window
ctrl+F10=Maximize currently selected window
ctrl+F6=Switch between open workbook/window
ctrl+page up and page downa=move between Excel worksheets
ctrl+tab=Move between two or more then two Excel files
ctrl+'Insert value of above cell into current cell
Alt+==create formula to sum of all above cells
ctrl+shift+%=Format number in comma format
ctrl+shift+#=Format number into date format
ctrl+shift+@=format number into time format
ctrl+shift+$=format number into currency format
ctrl+w=Close document
ctrl+space=select entire column
shift+space=select entire row
friends these are sum Excel commands which I show to You.More shortcuts will be presented to you soon.I hope You will enjoy to learn these.

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