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Microsoft Word Shortcut keys

My last article is about Excel shortcut keys ,now i will show you some useful Word shortcut keys.I hope it give benefit to you.

Ms-word Shortcuts

ctrl+A=select all content of the page
ctrl+B=Bold highlighted section
ctrl+C=Copy selected item
ctrl+X=Cut selected item
ctrl+N=Open new blank document
ctrl+O=open option
ctrl+P+Open print window
Ctrl+f=open find box
ctrl+I=italic highlighted section
ctrl+K=insert link
ctrl+U=Underlined highlighted section
ctrl+y=redo the last action performed
ctrl+Z=undo the last action
ctrl+G=find and replace option
ctrl+H=find and replace option
ctrl+J=Justify paragraph alignment
ctrl+L=Align selected text to left
ctrl+Q=Align selected paragraph to left
ctrl+E=Align selected text too the center
ctrl+R=Align selected text to the right
ctrl+M=Indent the paragraph
ctrl+T=Hanging indent
ctrl+D=Font option
ctrl+shift+f=Change the font
ctrl+shift+>=increase selected font+1
ctrl+shift+<=Decrease selected font-1
ctrl+left(<-)=Move one word to the left
ctrl+right(->)=Move one word to right
ctrl+Home=Move to beginning of the line or paragraph
ctrl+End=Move to the end of the line or paragraph
ctrl+Del=Delete word to the right of the cursor
ctrl+backspace=delete word to the left of the cursor
ctrl+1=Single line space
ctrl+2=double line space
ctrl+5=1.5 line space
ctrl+alt+1=Change text to heading 1
ctrl+alt+2=change text to heading 2
ctrl+alt+3=change text to heading 3
F1= open help
shift+F3=Change the selected text
F4=Repeat last action.
Friends these are some Ms-word shortcuts.I hope you will get it.

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