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Finding square roots of polynomial equation in mathematics:Flowchart........

This article about making flow chart of quadratic equation.Flowchart as we discuss in previous article Basic definition of algorithm and flowchart is a graphical representation of algorithm.In previous article Algorithm of quadratic equation we made algorithm of quadratic this article we try to make flowchart of that equation.This flowchart is not proper representation of algorithm but helps to understand the logic of making flowchart.
basic symbols used in flowcharts are:-

This structure is called terminator in flowcharts. It is used for both start and stop. Here is start structure in flowcharts.
The given structure, rectangle, is used to indicate processing or computing in a flowchart.
This structure is the diamond structure and it is the decision making structure in flowcharts. Statement is written in the diamond and left right nodes are used for yes and no of the statement. It means it decides the flow of the algorithm.
The given structure is a parallelogram and it is used to prompt for inputs like asking to enter integer values in variables and also used to display results.

Flowchart of square roots of quadratic equation is:-

This is the flow chart of roots of quadratic equation.i hope you learn how to draw flowchart.Thanks for visit.....


  1. I need one that shows the steps please. sorry about the symbols, but I wanted to make sure it was clear that I wanted a calculator for this, some people didn't understand that.

    Actually, is a calculator to calculate simplest polynomial functions with given roots even possible?

    1. Yes nick,calculator can be made to find polinomial equations but visual basic language is good to show that concept.I wrote some post regarding visual basic introduction ,soon i solve your problem.Just waite and watch.