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Mathematical puzzles.........

This article is about interesting maths puzzle which helps in sharpen the mind.It is not too difficult but provide you enjoy for some time.
How to adjust 8 times 8 to make it 1000
In this puzzle 8 is to be adjusted in such a way ,it should repeat 8 times and result should be 1000.You can apply addition,subtraction,multiplication,division means to say you can apply any operation to get the result.
Then have you any idea ok ready to get solution...........
we can put zeroes at empty space add apply addition operation:-
8 8 8
0 8 8
0 0 8
0 0 8
0 0 8
1 0 0 0

there is also a interesting result.Take any three digit numbers.

step:1 let us take 450.
step:2 Take reverse of it.
step:3 Now subtract 054 from 450
step:4 Now reverse 396
step:5 Add 396,and 693

ans is=1089 You can compute another number for all these steps you get exactly the same result1089
Now for verification you can take another example:
step 1: Take a number 345.
step 2: Take reverse of it.
step:3 subtract 345 from 543
step:4 Take reverse of 198
step:5 Add 198 and 891
ans is=1089
Interesting hai na..........

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