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Introduction to Internet

This article is about history of Internet.As in today world without Internet no life.So my article is just about its history.
What is Internet?
There is two word internet(small i) and Internet(capital I) have different meaning.
internet:-When two or more network communicate with each other that is called internet.
Internet:- It is a collaboration of more than hundreds of thousands of interconnected networks.
It comes in picture in 1969.In mid 1960s mainframe computers are alone standards devices.Computer from different manufacturers were unable to communicate.
Then ARPA=Advanced research project Agency
ACM=Association for computing Machinary in 1967 present an idea of APRANET.The idea was that each host computer connected to specialized computer called Interface message processor(IMP).The idea become reality in 1969 at university of California
Los Angeles(UCLA).
TCP:-Transmission control protocol
IP:Inter networking protocol
It handle datagram routing.
TCP:-It is responsible for higher functions such as segmentation , reassembly and error detection.
NOW the internet working protocol become TCP/IP.
This is something about Internet.I will discuss more about networking soon.......
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