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Data Communication

This article is about data communication.Before discussing about data communication we should know something about communication.
communication means sharing of data.communication is of two types:
1.local communication.
2.Remote communication.
1.Local communication:-Local communication usually occurs face to face.
2. Remote communication:-Remote communication takes place over distance.It is also called telecommunication.The word telecommunication refers as tele means far, so tele communication means communication over distance.example telephone,television etc.
Data communication
Data communication is the exchange of data of transmission medium such as a wire cable.Data communication system depends on four fundamentals characterstics
These characterstics are:-
1. Delivery:- The data should deliver to correct destination.

2.Accuracy:- The system must deliver data accurately.incorrect data is useless.

3.Timeliness:-The system must deliver data in a timely manner.Late delivery is useless.In case of audio video timely delivery means delivered data when it is produced and without delay.This type of delivery is called real time transmission.

4.Jitter:-Jitter means packet arrival time.It is uneven delay in the delivery packets.Friends the component of data communication discuss in next article.
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