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Features of visual Basic

This article is about features of visual basic.In previous article introduction of visual basics we were discussed about basic introduction of visual basic its and various versions.features of visual basics include characterstics or functions provided by it.
Here i show you main features of visual basic which add glory to its existence and which highlighted its importance over other sowftware languages,

features of visual basic are as under:-
  1. It has faster compiler.

  2. It support active-x control:-

  3. Active-x control are small program ,sometimes called add-ons that are based on internet.They can inhance browsing experience by allowing animation or it can help with task such as insalling security updates at microsoft updates.
    It makes browsing more enjoyable by providing toolbars,stocks tickers,video animated content,and more.we can say that active-x is a technology used to add interactively two web pages.We can interactive controls to web pages.these control can be anything from a single push button to a complete spreadsheet.It works on certain browser as microsoft browser internet explorer recognise active-x control but netscape is similar to Java applets.It outgrowth with two technologies:-
    1.Object linking and embedding. object models.
  4. It has new packages & development wizard

  5. By default data types are variant

  6. Variant data type here means for it change its appearance as needed for each situation.
  7. It is plateform dependent language::-

  8. It support graphical user interface.
    Main elements of GUI are:-
    1.Text Boxes.
    2.Label Boxes.
    3.Radio Buttons.
    4.Command Buttons.
    6.Scroll bars.
    It is itself is graphic and software developed by it is also graphical.
  9. It is Object oriented.

  10. There are fours types of modules used in visual basic :-
    1.Class module.
    2.Form module.
    3.Active-x module.
    4.Dupples module.
    These four features shows that vb is object base language.
    Member functions of oop's are called methods in vb.
    Data members of oop's are called property in vb.
    These are accessed by:-
    objectname.method or property.
  11. It can show static as well as dynamic array.

  12. visual basic support data files as well as database.
    Data files are the program written in vb.
    Database can be :-
    There are two types of data files:-
    1. Sequential files.
    2. Random files.
    Data files store in secondary storage.
    Database store in Ram.
  13. Visual basic is rapid application development tool.

  14. Because it is graphical user so rapid to draw.
  15. It is case sensitive language.

This is all about features of visual basic .we will discuss more about visual basic in next article.
Thanks................stay in touch and give feedback .

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