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Controls in visual Basic

Visual basic as we discuss in introduction to visual basic is a graphical language or event driven language.In other language we take input only by mouse or keyboard but in visual basic we can take input not only by use mouse of mouse and keyboard but also with the help of controls.There are 21 instrisic controls in tool box by default.Other common control and active-x controls.Some instrinsic controls are:-
1. Pointer control
2.label control
3. Frame control
4.Text box
5. Picture box
6. Image box
7. List box
8.Combo box
9.command button
10. File
11.Drive list
12.Directory list
13.OLE control
Common control are:-
1.Image list
2.Status bar
3.Scroll bar
4.Progress bar
5.Tree view
6.List view
7.Tool bar
8.Cool bar etc.
There are some another user defined controls called active-x control.
Pointer control:-This control just for adjusting mouse pointer.Pointer style can be changed by this control.

Level control:-This control used to show static data which not participate in execution.Ex.As in form Name....... Is static data can be shown by level control.

Frame control:-Frame is called container control.Because it is used to place another control for better look.

Text Box:-It is also called edit control.We can perform editing,and it is also used to take input from user.

List box:-List box is used for display items.

Combo box:-Combo box is combination of edit control and list control.It also used to display list if item.
Three types of combo box available in visual basic:-
Simple combo box:-simple box has text box and list box and display items in a list at once.We can type in text box.

Dropdown combo box:-It show items in dropdown combo box means when user click on pointer arrow then list show.We can type in text box.

Dropdown list box:-Drop down list combo box show items in drop down list but in this type of cimbo box we can not type in text box.

Image box and picture box:-Image box and picture box used to display pictures.But picture box is called container for another control but image box not.Image box can be stretched but picture box not.Picture box shown at execution time but image box not.

File,drive list and directory list:-
File show list of files.Drive show folders which contain different files in single drive.And directory can have folder as well as files.

OLE:-It stand for object linking and embedding.

Common controls:-
Image list:With the help of image list we can show list of images by loading at once.

Status control:-Status bar show the status of open file or folder.Means at which row and column user write...etc

Progress bar:-Progress bar is used to show progress of application or program or downloading etc.It show by step by step increament of timer.Ex as show during internet servise.

Tree view:-Tree view is show to show items in a hierarchical structure.

List view:-List view is also used to show items ina list as icons.

Tool bar:-Tool bar contains tools means short cuts of menu options such as cut,copy,paste etc.

Cool bar:-Cool bar is also called container control which is used for place tool bar on it.
These are some common controls now inspite of these control there are also user defined control called active-x control.Active-x is a control which can we created by user for his own convenience means user can create a combination of two or more control at one place which he need again and again,inspite of creating all those controls for his projects separate of every time ,he can create his own control and use it when need.He not only use it for his own need but also can provided to another user when he add that control in tool box..How all these control works we discuss it soon.
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