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Earn money from home.

Good morning.In this article i will discuss various way to earn money without going out from house.Level of education increase day by day.Student try his best to get more and more knowledge so that he can get a job and earn money and help his father a little.But corruption become the major hurdle in front of student earning.Inspite of best quality he not get chance to getting job.Then student don't worry there is good plateform provide by google adsence on internet through which you can get dollers just from home.House wife who is not permitted to cross the boundary of her home also can get benefit of google to getting her own salary wnich makes happy.On internet many sites available for earning.But there are three major ways which gives 100% output and satisfy user.These ways are:-
1.Earn money to write on Hubpages.
2.Earn money through personal blogs.
3.Earn money through question answer technique.
1.Earn through hubpages:-friends if yuo want to earn through revenue sharing then you can share you writing online on hubpages and get money.Hubpages provide revenue sharing by different methods:-
A).By Adsence account:- Adsence give you a plateform to share revenue and pay you if user click on your link.It give you unique account for payment.
B)Ebay and Amazon module:- Ebay and Amazon module give you a plateform for marketting by showing your adds of product through which you can earn money.

2.Personal Blog:-
It is also a good plateform provided by google adsence for writing.It is personal means we have freedom to write matter of our own choice.Account has to make on and start writing.After writing some blog apply for adsence account then payment start based on clicks and page impression.

3.Through question answer technique:-
It is most efficient way of earning.There we have no need to write whole blog but just ask question or give answer of that question asked by another one.At first only answering is provided but know if you ask a good question then also you can get money.When you answer the question if your answer is best amongs all then you are paid by website owner.For this technique you have to make an account on your answer not selected as best answer then also don't take tension because site also explore your answer through the internet so that it read by many users and if you get more likes then also you paid by webowner.
So friends don't take time and choose one way amongs all and start to earn your own money.If i made any mistake in any information then please informed me through leaving comment.

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