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How to hack Facebook...its fun only

Friends welcome back,
I am really sorry i did not write any post since one month.Today i will give you a funny facebook trick which make you feel proud.I hope you will enjoy the the fun.
Friends every one of you want to make another a fool through any fun.It make you happy.My today post is also related to make fool to someone.
Friends are you want to hack any social networking site like facebook,myspace,twitter etc. Then your dream comes true through this post but it is only fun not reality.
1.First of all open internet browser like internet explorer,google chrome,or Mozzilla firefox etc.
2.You can apply it on website of your interest as facebook ,twitter etc.
3.Remove the address bar content and copy and run the Javascript code written below:-
Void 0
That's all you hack the website.Your friends surely believes that you are a professional hacker.
Now you can edit the content that you want to show when open the facebook or any site of your choice.
Ex. You can type as:-
Facebook hacked by meenakshi sharma.
Friends,this javascript code is a temperory code you can get original website by just refreshing.It does not effect your browser but it is just a fun.
How this code work:-
It makes your browser in editable form just temperory.
The code document.designmode='on'; it makes browser in design mode only,and void 0 means no error shown to user.
Ok friends i hope you enjoy the trick.

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