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New service provided by Google to access google query through Sms

Good evening friends,
If you are not permanent user to access google through internet and you want to access google Query then don't worry.Google provide service to access google queries like product prices,ticket reservarion,word meanings,stock market,etc. Through Sms.Google fans and customer can get information regarding google query without any internet connection but by sms.This service launched by google basically in India and U.S.A.It can be provided to another countries soon.It can be accessed by sendind Sms on these numbers:-
In india :-9773300000
In U.S.A:- 466453
Friends, google provide this service free to customers but sms charges cut by company.
Ex how to send sms for query.:-
If you want to access information about movie shows then type:-
Movies laddies versus ricky bahal
If you want to access meaning of reservation then type:-
Define reservation
If want to access stock target then type:-
Stock tgt .
And send to number given to you according to country you belong.
So friends i hope you get the service information and take banefit of it.
Thanks for visiting.

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