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Basics of visual basic...........a dos based language

This article is about a high level language visual basic.This language is dos(Disk operating system) based basic language.Basic stand for Beginner all purpose symbolic instruction code.Before discuss about this language we should know what is programming?
As you know computer is a dump machine ,it has not its own brain.It is totally depend on instructions and code provided to it.Human has brain but computer has much more computation speed than human but it also require human assistance.Because it understand only electrical on and off state.Human provide instruction to it by the means of computer codes which help it for fast computation.this coding instruction is programming.
Visual Basic
Visual basic is a high level language which is evolved from earlier version of dos.
It is very easy programming language to learn.Different companies provide different versions for learning basic like QUICKBASIC,IBM BASIC etc.But mostly Micro soft visual basic is used.The resources related to this version is mostly available in the market.There are also many version of vb exist in market but visual basic 6 is mostly used in today.
visual basic is Visual and event oriented language.Many another languages are only text oriented language but it can work in graphical environment.In the old BASIC, you have to write program code for each graphical object you wish to display it on screen, including its position and its color. However, In VB , you just need to drag and drop any graphical object anywhere on the form, and you can change its color any time using the properties windows.
In Visual basic as user click randomly for any action so there are different subprograms are used for different task.
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