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A Maths Trick for multiplication of two numbers

This article is about a mathematical trick for multiplying two numbers specially for two digits numbers.By this trick you can solve a multiplication sum without copy and pen.

Hello friends,
As you today is fast computing world ,In a new generation students have opportunity to learn fast computing through abacus,which is good to learn upto 14 years students.But we are crossing that age then how we can stand with them ? The only option is by using tricks of mathematics. In previous article A smart maths trick i discuss multiplication any number by 5,99,11 means number is fix but in this trick there need not take a fix number. You can multiply any number two digits or three digits, but it is good for two digits.

No need to take notebook for multiplication

Logic of trick
  1. Let us take two ,two digits numbers

  2. let it be 47 and 34
  3. Take first number and multiply its digits and take carry separate

  4. 4*7=28 carry 2
  5. Add carry +first digit of first number*last digit of second number and take carry

  6. 2+4*4+3*7=39 carry 3
  7. Add carry+multiply digits of second number and don't take carry but take complete resultant number

  8. 3+3*4=15=15
  9. The answer is=collect complete number from last step and last digit from all another steps

  10. The answer is=1598

This is the trick ,i hope you were enjoy it.I will publish new and interesting tricks soon stay in contact............Upto then bye..........Thanks for visit.

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