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A Microsoft -Word Problem...........

This article is about Microsoft world problem which is faced by me. Actually there is a command which is when written by me in Microsoft -word document then a result comes in picture which i will show you. I am unable to understand its internal working. I am just writing this problem for getting a satisfactory answer from all of you. Please understand the problem and try to solve it and if you succeed in getting solution then please show me the result.
What is the problem ?
Whenever I open a blank microsoft word document and write a command =rand(200,99)
and hit to enter button then copy paste of a line which isThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog is shown on the page . This line as you know is useful for practice of typing.
Let us see the image of result obtained by writing the command

After pressing Enter result is:

I will wait for your reply..........try to give me the solution of this problem.

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