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How to hide and unhide disk derive?

This article is about hide and unhide the disk derive.
As we all face many problems when our personal computer is not being a personal but used by many others.they use our disk derive and we can't deny them for use.But we can hide our disk derive.There are many software used for hide disk derive.But i will tell you how we can hide it without software.
  1. Open the command prompt

  2. Type the"diskpart" without space.

  3. After it type "list volume"

  4. it will show pc derive.
  5. Then select volume 2

  6. 2 is number of your D derive.
  7. "Remove" used for hide derive and "assign" used for unhide derive.

Now let it revise:-
Let you want to hide D derive:-
run>cmd>diskpart>list volume>select volume 2>remove
for unhide same process is repeat and use assign in the place of remove.
i hope you will enjoy it.You can try it on your pc for safety of your derive data.