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Near field communication(NFC).....a security chip

This article is about Near field communication(NFC).It is a small chip which is a set of short range wireless technologies which is used in various ways like banking.
As We discuss in previous articlesmart use of internet that how to login both account in a same system.We also see the use of internet in that article.A small to big deal of transactions,data exchange are performed through internet and through smartphones.Now how this possible ,yes you are right this is possible through NFC.
What is NFC
NFC stand for Near field Communication.It is simplified way of data exchange,transaction by a simple touch on a cellphone.It is formed in 2004.It is sharing,pairing and transaction of data within the NFC devices.
A smartphone or tablet like NFC chip could make the credit card payment and serve as a keycard or id card.NFC chip can read NFC tags on museum and retail and display the audio and visual presentation of it.
Where NFC chip placed in cellphone shown by a image:-

A NFC Mobile phone interacting with Smart poster

Use of NFC
NFC devices allow users to purchase products and transfer secure information by a single touch.
NFC allows companies to reduce staffing, printing, and point of sale costs.NFC can be used to initiate higher speed wireless connections for expanded content sharing.
  1. Bluetooth: Instant Bluetooth Pairing can save searching, waiting, and entering codes.Touch the NFC devices together for instant pairing.

  2. WiFi: Instant WiFi Configuration can configure a device to a WiFi network automatically. Tap an NFC device to an NFC enabled router.

This is some knowledge about NFC which is a data security chip and i will discuss more about data security techniques soon............Upto then enjoy another useful articles .Have fun............and stay in touch.

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