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Multiple user login in Yahoo Messenger from one PC

This article is about logging into two different accounts from one system using yahoo messenger, the standard Yahoo chat client. use of login both account in one system.
As today is an internet world.We can engaged with our relatives through out the world by use of internet.Internet gives us platform for learning, earning etc. We engaged with our friends and relatives through email by the means of personal account like Yahoo mail, Rediff mail and social account like Orkut, Facebook.
we take help of browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome for using the internet. We can open one account in one browser in one system. Now question arises what should we done for using two or more accounts in the same system.
How to access two account in one system

This post focus on the fact that How one can login into two different yahoo accounts using Yahoo messenger chat client ?
image for yahoo messenger :-

Friends, normally you can login into one yahoo account using yahoo messenger. When you try to open new yahoo messenger, it shows a message that yahoo messenger is already running. To overcome this problem here is a solution :
  • Open run box by pressing Window + R key or by choosing run from start menu.

  • Open Registry Edit by typing regedit and hitting enter button on keyboard.

  • Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER/softwrare/yahoo/pager/test

  • Click on Edit Option.

  • Select New option.

  • add DWORD value and Name it 'plural'.

  • Apply changes and Save.
I think you will enjoy the this trick. I will give you more tricks soon......Please stay in touch.
Happy Chatting.

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