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Php Programming : Future of WWW | C is not outdated

This article is an overview and analysis of modern web designing techniques and tools. This article gives and idea how C is still the base and how it can give power to your web and applications.

Today most of the people are thinking that C language is outdated and in the modern world of object oriented programming, this procedure oriented programming language don't have any importance or significance. But the reality is not exactly this.
Even I was also in confusion while deciding languages to be covered in this blog. First I thought that I shouldn't cover C language but then I realized that the base is always the base. One can improve anything but the thing that is essential is a base. Can you improve nothing ? Obviously it is not possible.
C is still the most widely used language. Not always in the main form but in the hidden form of small programs.
Now it is coming in the main form and the name of that form is php. Php is short form for hypertext pre processor. It is a kind of extension to html, the main web designing language. The php can be addressed as web version of C language. If you are good at C, you can command php within hours.
Php is very powerful language and an example of this is This website is written completely in php. Php have all rules of C languages except some like variable names. A php variable starts with a $sign, rest rules are same. All leading sites are changing their codes and are moving to php. The main reasons for this are :
  • Ease
  • The use of php is very easy. It is as simple as C language and anyone can learn it without programming background.
  • Power
  • php is a powerful language as it can do tasks that most heavy languages like aspx do but with small code and less programming.
  • Speed
  • The execution of php code is very fast and hence it is the prime choice of web developers.
  • Efficiency

  • Being fast it is more efficient and its code can be reused easily.

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