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Useful computer tips - General useful facts and programming assistance.

This article is a collection of some very essential computer tips and tricks that a good and responsible computer programmes or student must know.

If you are a computer programmer then knowing just about algorithm and variables of the programming language is not enough for you. Your must know some basics of a computer system and its architecture.
In current article I have collected some of the essential and useful facts. I hope these will help you.

Creating Some Specific Folders

Friends, data in any operating system is stored in folders and directories. In windows operating system these is some restriction on creating names of the folders. Yes, its true that you could't create the folder with following names :
  • con
  • nul
  • Aux
  • Lpt1


All these names corresponds to some of the famous ports either in use or reserved for some special function.
lpt1 is resverd printer in windows operation system.
People search about Why we can't create con folder in computer ?
Its the answer for the question.

Hide a folder without any software

Yes my dear friends. It is possible.
You can hide a folder without boy softare.
To do so please follow these steps :
  • Right Click on the folder.

  • Select Rename Option from the available options.

  • Hold the alt key and press 0160.

  • Release the alt key and hit Enter key.

  • You will see a folder option without name.

  • Now its time to hide that folder image.

  • Right click on the folder.

  • Select properties from the options.

  • Select custmize and then change icon.

  • Select empty folder and hit enter.

  • You have done. The folder is now invisibale but is still selectable.

More tricks are coming soon.


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