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Hiding All Drives in Your Hard Disk and Unhiding them - Learn Computing While Having Fun

This article is a step by step tutorial about How to hide disk drives in your hard disk all at once ?
In my previous article How to hide and then unhide your computer hard disk drive , I discuss how one can hide a drive on his/her hard disk. The problem or better to say a negative indication about that method was that it take long time to hide all drives in your hard disk, specially when your hard disk has large number of drives say 10 or more.

It will take a considerable amount of time using the method described above but it doesn't mean that these is no method that can hide all drives at a single operation. Off course it is here and the detailed tutorial about Hiding all drives of a hard disk in single operation:)

Hiding all drives of a hard disk (HD)

If you want to hide all drives of your hard disk then follow the following steps :
-> Press Window key and R letter together from your keyboard.
-> Alternatively you may select Run from program menu, in start button in windows.
-> Type regedit.
It will open the registry open of the windows operating system.
-> Open the hklm\software\microsoft\windows\curentv\polices\exp.
-> Check in right side for the word DWORD, right click on DWORD
-> Click the DWORD VALUE.
-> Change the name "NoDrive" without space.
-> Click the nodrive and write "3FFFFFF" without space.
-> Restart ur PC and all drive will be in hidden state.
This trick will save your time and will hide all your drives in one try.

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