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Components of Data Communication

This article about Components of Data Communication.In previous articleData Communication i discussed about Data communication and its required characteristics.
Components of Data Communication
Data Communication has five components.
  1. Message:-

  2. It is information or data to be communicated.It can be text,picture,audio ,video etc.
  3. Sender:-

  4. sender is the device that sends the data message.It can be computer,telephone etc.
  5. Reciever:-

  6. The reciever is the device that recieves the message.It also can be computer,television,workstation etc.
  7. Transmission medium:-

  8. It is a physical path by which a message travels from sender to reciever.It can be twisted pair of wires,coxial cable & radio waves.
  9. Protocol:-

It is the set of rules that govern data is agreement between devices.Without a protocol two devices may be connected but not communicated.Ex A person can speak French but it is not necessary he can understand Japanese.

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