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Computer Question Bank

This article is about computer general knowledge.This article gives all of you the platppform for get perfection in computer world.
Ques 1:-How can the user decided that what programs the computer have?
Ans:-By checking list of programs in operating system.

Ques 2:-The coponents of computer properly connected and work by which process we can check it?
Ans:-By booting

Ques 3:-when pointer positioned on that position a hand mark shown,what that indicate?

Ques 4:-This language is used to write code for web page?
Ans:-HTML(Hyper text markup language)

Ques 5:-Small application programs which decided that form is completed or not and provide animation is called?

Ques 5:-Before accessing computer check what for mathing username and passward?

Ques 6:-By which networking topology computers connected to one another by a single cable wire?
Ans:-Bus Topology.

Ques 7:-Unsolicited email is called?

Ques 8:- who is known as father of computer?
Ans:-Charles Babbage.

Ques 9:-The search engine "bing" launched by which company?
Ans:- Microsoft.

Ques 10:-Who launched bing and when?
Ans:-Steive Ballmer in 2009 launch
Search engine bing.

Ques 11:-Which social networking site is decided to launch by Google on 28 june,2011?

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