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Google+ : A Social Networking Site

This article is about a new competitor of Facebook which is social networking site.
As in today due to excess amount of online tools real life interaction get minimize day-by-day.So Google decided to launch a new project in June 28 ,2011 Google+ which gives fascilities to feel like real meeting's.

Features of Google+

As all relationships are not equal,so in real life we share one thing with college buddies,another with parents .But problem of today is that online service turn friendship into fast food-which wrap everyone in friends.By which sharing really suffer.So Google provide +circle feature to tackle that problem.

Online sharing engine is called spark.On every topic which you want you can use 40 languages.Simply add your interest and you will have something to watch,read and share with just right click of friends.

When we want to make on screen gathering fun then we can create hangouts.By combining the casual meetings with live Multi person video,hangouts lets you stop by when you are free and spend time with your circle face-to-face.

Share what your around now without any disturbance.

You can add your location with every post if you want for easy finding.

+Instant upload:-
While you are snapping pictures and with your permission Google add your photos to private album which is available across your devices ready to share.

A group messaging experience that lets everyone inside the circle to know what's going on right this second.
These are some features of Google+ which makes him a good competitor with Facebook and another social networking sites.I hope you were enjoy the article.
Thank you.
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