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This article php tutorial is for learning concepts of php language.In previous article Php-programming:future of www!c is not outdated we discussed about introduction of php programming and use of c language in learning php language.php is server-side scripting language.It is use in designing of dynamic web page.
Before start learning php language you should have a basic understanding of the following:

  2. Javascript

What is Php?
  1. Php stand for :-Hypertext preprocessor

  2. Php is server-sided scripting language like Asp means php script's are executed on server

  3. Php supports many databases like my sql,infomix,oracle,sybase ,generic etc.

  4. php is free to download and use

  5. Php is an open source software

what is Php files
  1. Php files contains text,Html-tags and scripts.

  2. Php files are returned to browser as plain Html

  3. Php files have a file extension of .php or .php3 or .phtml.

What is mysql
  1. mysql is a database server

  2. Mysql is ideal for both small & large applications

  3. Mysql supports standard sql

  4. Mysql compiles on a number of plateforms

What is Php+mysql?
  1. Php combined with mysql are cross plateform (You can develop in windows and serve on a unix plateform).

Friends ,
I think you were enjoy the article.In next article i will discuss php syntex for designing web pages...........Stay in touch.
Thank you.

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